POSTED december 9, 2018 / BY Emmanuel Kipkoech Biwott


Beoordeling voorMarieke

I am Emmanuel Biwott and have been in athletics since 2003. In the year 2016, I had several injuries at my joints. Despite of going to several physiotherapists and massagist, I realized that there are other treatments that can help also. I came to know Marieke van de Kolk through her husband Richard, she has helped me with Bicom One treatment. To be honest it’s not only massage therapist or physio therapist who can help solve problems on muscles. There are also other technical problems that can be handle in the body by other ways of treatment like Bicom One. At fIrst I was skeptical about it it, but, when I followed instruction, I realized and noticed that the effect of Bicom was so good to me that for the first time ever I started running, I had good training with less risk of injuries with a duration of 2 years. The treatment of Marieke helped me to stay out of injuries which was indeed a problem to me that came after every 3 months of intensive training. I only followed instructions by Marieke and it worked very well. I love Bicom One treatment because it’s effects can be felt. I recommend people to give it a try and experience how good it can be!